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We are more than just coffee

Established on October 8th, 2022, Coffee Vibes began its journey to bring the community together around a quality cup of coffee. Coffee. Community. Limitless Possibilities. It’s more than a catchphrase. It’s our compass. Possibilities are made by bringing people together. We bring the community together through coffee. Coffee has a way of complementing our lives. Your first date in a coffee shop to a 50-year marriage; a pot of coffee after putting the kids to bed to study for your doctorate; a to-go cup of coffee on your way to closing the biggest deal in your career. Like coffee, we want to be part of your story.

We Produce Blends Of The Most Aromatic Coffee

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My favorite coffee: Genesis

General Manager, Co-Founder

Hi! I’m Antonio Molina

I was introduced to coffee while attending the Citadel, it was a means to stay up late studying or prepare for an exam. In the Marine Corps the sentiment was similar with 3 am wakesup calls and 24-hour duty (on a non-sleeping post). Coffee was only a means to accomplish my daily tasks. When my wife introduced me to pour over coffee my perspective changed. Coffee was not just something to grimace through, it’s a compliment to my day!

I start my morning with a pour-over of Breakthrough!

Production Manager, Co-Founder

Hi! I’m Kalen Molina

I am first and foremost a mother and wife before a business owner. I have been a proud coffee enthusiast for over 5 years. Being a busy mom and business owner coffee has become an essential part of my journey. Coffee Vibes is a way for me to bring my passion for coffee to the community and connect with people through coffee. I believe being in the coffee business is a calling of mine and one that I don’t take lightly. My hope is to bring people alongside me on this journey while boosting others on theirs.

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